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Plastic Planters

Plastic Planters Manufacturers in India

Balaji Corporate Facilities have been in the business of manufacturing a wide range of plastic crates for industrial and other purposes, and among those the company is also one of the known plastic planters manufacturers in India. While being in the industry for a long time the company has been a multi-product company that has maintained an exceptional reputation for expanding its range of products and among them is the plastic planters. The company manufactures a wide range of plastic planters that are of different sizes, colors, and designs that can be purchased from the company itself.

As a reputed manufacturer, Balaji is responsible for maintaining the quality of its products. The quality check analyst with the latest technology does thorough checks on each product so that any defect can be detected before it is sent to the market. As the aim of the company is client’s satisfaction no stones are unturned in ensuring the quality of the product. For that purpose, high-grade plastic are used so that they are durable. Since plastic planters are kept in the open and have to weather the effects of heat, cold, dust, water, and other temperature variations quality checks are conducted from the time the raw materials are procured. After the product has been made before dispatching the plastic planters are checked for durability, performance, sturdiness, design, non-abrasive and heavy duty. Only after the products pass these tests the items are dispatched.

With our objective to improve our products on a daily basis, we keep up-to-date with the latest technology in plastic and the machinery that we use. Along with that, we hire engineers, technicians, and workers who are not only dedicated but are well experienced in their respective fields. Combining all these enable us to produce the best quality plastic planters that surely would bring elegance and style to the client’s house or wherever they place it.

Our garden ware, the plastic planters are environment-friendly that can be used both outdoors and indoors in different locations. Our products are of international class but at Indian competitive price.

  Model : Fence

  Weight : 600 gms

  Dimension : 12"(D)X10"(H)

  Model : Diamond

  Weight : 380 gms

  Dimension : 8"(D)X9"(H)

  Model : Ring

  Weight : 380 gms

  Dimension : 11"(D)X9.5"(H)