Before we discuss Tissue Suppliers in Gurgaon, it is imperative to know a thing or two about the tissue manufacturing industry. Firstly, in order to make an informed decision to purchase tissue paper from any of the tissue paper suppliers in Gurgaon, it is important to know the parameters used to judge the quality of a tissue paper. Wet tensile strength, Northern Bleached Softwood kraft or NBSK content in the paper pulp supplied and chemical thermomechanical pulp or CTMP content of the pulp are the main parameters that determine the quality of tissue paper. All variants of NBSK pulps have long fibers and are a trademark grade of pulp. These are mostly used as reinforcement fibers. Hybrid processes exist that involve treating wood pulp with chemicals like sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite and so on before treating it with mechanical rollers as will be mentioned below. Pulp produced by these processes is called chemical thermo mechanical pulp.

Every tissue paper provider in Gurgaon is aware that hybrid pulps are more refined than conventional pulps or those produced by chemical methods, which in turn remove lignin entirely. All variants of the main manufacturing elements involve processing the paper pulp under a steam heated cylinder. The cylinder is coated with an adhesive and a blade of very specific dimensions is used to serrate through or slice apart the dry husk from the main product. All of the tissue paper suppliers in Gurgaon ensure that the speed differential between the blade and cylinder is such as to prevent any crinkles from arising on the tissue paper surface.

So now we move from the manufacturing process to one of the best, if not the best, tissue paper provided in Gurgaon.


Balaji corporate facilities

For the housekeeping Chemical Suppliers in Gurgaon, cleanliness is the most important thing. With the experience of more than 10 years, the company has attained a very beautiful position in the market. Various products are offered by company with various specifications. Due to the reasonable prices and the well-planned business strategies, the company was able to achieve the success they enjoy at present. The company believes in delivering quality to service and each product they manufacture.

The chemicals produced by Balaji Corporate Facilities are of the right chemical composition and pH value, for effective cleaning.

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