What are taski products?

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene all around your house or office is more important than any other work out there. Cleaning chemicals are, therefore, important aids in housekeeping industry. Taski or Diversey products have set a new standard in cleaning chemical agent industry. Different types of taski products are present in the market classified on the basis of use. There are various taski chemical suppliers in Noida providing best quality products.

Types of taski chemicals:

On the basis of our cleaning requirements, taski product suppliers in Noida provides following different kinds of taski products

  • Taski R1- This product is used for the cleaning of bathroom surface as well as sanitising it. Taski R1 is a clear blue coloured liquid.
  • Taski R2- Taski R2 is a taski product provided by taski product dealers in Noida, which is a multi purpose cleaning agent i.e. we can use this to clean all types of floors and walls. It is green in colour and gives extra shine to the surface.
  • Taski R3- This is a blue coloured cleaning chemical used for the cleaning of windows, glass and mirrors etc.
  • Taski R4- Taski R4 is a furniture polish product with the opaque white appearance used for maintenance of wooden floors and furniture. It cleans, shines and even protects the furniture.
  • Taski R5- This cleaning agent by a taski product dealers in Noida is used as an air freshener. Taski R5 must be sprayed in the upward direction in the room, but not on the floor.
  • Taski R6- This is a heavy duty toilet bowl or urinal cleaner for the removal of smell and other residues. Don’t use Taski R6 on marble, tiles and stainless steel.
  • Taski R7- The taski R7 supplied by taski products providers in Noida is used for removing the oil and grease from the floor.
  • Taski R9- Taski R9 by taski products providers in Noida is used for removing the hard stains marks from the bathroom walls.

There are many taski chemical suppliers in Noida , providing all types of taski products. Balaji Corporate Facilities are one of the best taski products wholesaler in Noida. They provide best quality housekeeping and taski chemicals. As one of the best taski product suppliers in Noida, they take care of quality and provides the finest material to their customers.


Features of products by taski product wholesalers in Noida

All the taski products supplied by Balaji Corporate Facilities are eco-friendly. They are safe to use and manufactured with accurate composition which consequently provides high effectiveness in cleaning.
So, for maintaining proper hygiene, try taski products by Balaji Corporate Facilities.