Cleaning and maintenance of homes and offices has become an important field for business in the recent years. The advancements in the production of cleaning and maintenance objects has taken up pace with the growing demand in this industry. There are several market leaders in this field. But the one that has stood to its reputation is the Balaji Corporate Facilities in Faridabad.They are one of the leading cleaning materials wholesalers in Faridabad. Over the years they have hold their reputation as one of the best cleaning materials suppliers in Faridabad.

Balaji Corporate Facilities:  Balaji Corporate Facilities are known for their good service and customer satisfaction.They are a very well-known cleaning materials wholesalers in Faridabad. Their main goals are reliability, efficiency and quality. Their variety of products starts from steam cleaners and disinfectants to room service products and floor scrubbing products. They also provide floor cleaning products, maintenance products, cleaning machines, plastic products and much more. All there products are at par with international standards. They check their products for any manufacturing defects before sending them to the market. This helps them provide best cleaning services in Faridabad. They are known for premium quality products and cleaning materials is a major area they focus on.

Various Services offered by Balaji Corporate Facilities:

  • One of the top cleaning items suppliers in Faridabad.
  • Very popular in the area as one of the best cleaning materials suppliers in Faridabad.
  • Their wide range of cleaning chemicals makes them a good cleaning chemicals suppliers in Faridabad.
  • They also sell various cleaning items and are a top cleaning item suppliers in Faridabad.
  • A well known and reputed cleaning mop and tools suppliers in Faridabad.

Some of the products provided by Balaji Corporate Facilities:

  • They are one of the best cleaning items suppliers in Faridabad as they sell a wide range of cleaning cloths, dusters, brushes and many more.
  • They are a leading cleaning chemicals suppliers in Faridabad and sell odour products, cleaning chemicals, phenyls, bathroom and toilet cleaners, dispensers etc.
  • They sell household cleaners, insect repellents, laundry care and are a well-known cleaning item suppliers in Faridabad.
  • They sell floor mats, door mats, mops, scrubbers and are a cleaning mop and tools suppliers in Faridabad.

Some good features of Balaji Corporate Facilities:

  • Door to door and timely delivery of consignments
  • On time delivery of bulk demands
  • Reasonable and affordable cost and prices
  • World class infrastructure
  • Top and skilled professionals
  • Great customer service


Balaji Corporate Facilities are committed to keeping your rooms, homes, offices, residents and hotels clean, hygienic and healthy. They are one of the best companies in Faridabad and have taken the health and hygiene business to a whole new level. They stand clear in their vision, mission and their key objective is to provide customer satisfaction. They are dedicated towards taking India towards a cleaner future. They believe that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.