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Dairy Crates

Dairy Crates Manufacturers in India

Balaji Corporate Facilities is one of the well-established dairy crates manufacturers in India. We offer a wide range of dairy crates for your requirement that is in stackable finishes. As per the customer’s requirements, we can dispatch the milk crates that are available in a variety of colors and shapes. We use high-grade plastic for manufacturing the dairy crates so that dairy crates produced by us are of great finish with durability. We understand that dairy crates are used for transportation and distribution of the dairy products so they need to be sturdy without being heavy. For the purpose of safe handling of the milk pouches the dairy crates manufactured comes with the option of a partition so that pouches of different sizes can be handled with ease.

Balaji Corporate Facilities is one of major dairy crate manufacturers in India, well known for producing sturdy crates. We use state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure in manufacturing these crates that are of finest quality and are produced in bulk. Despite producing in bulk we ensure that proper quality control is in place and checks are done. Our own production infrastructure that comprises of a warehouse, quality control, packing along with other units enable us to price the products competitively without compromising n the quality. We also keep abreast with the latest dairy crate manufacturing technology so that we can update our machinery on a regular basis.

Our team of dairy crate manufacturer includes people with a technical background, engineers and skilled professionals in their respective area. All these people come together to work in harmony to produce the best quality products to the clients. We also ensure that our approach is client oriented with easy pay and on-time delivery. At Balaji, we also ensure that proper quality control is done at every stage of the production. Our quality analyst using high technology machines so that any defect can be identified does various tests on the products. The tests are done on durability, performance, sturdiness, design, non-abrasive and heavy duty.

Only on passing on all of these tests the products are dispatched to our clients. This rigorous process helps us in retaining our goodwill as one of the reputed dairy crates manufacturers in India.

  Model : 4737158

  Weight : 1.4 kg

  Dimension : 470 x 370 x 158